T’s team had a massive blowout today, winning 7-1 in a league game.

The team itself played awesomely and as a team.  Remember a few games ago the coach was complaining because they’d only had five decent passes in a game – well, today they had five passes on a single rush up the ice. 

One of the goals was really surprising – keeping in mind that this is PeeWee (11- and 12-year olds).  It’s a bit jaw-dropping to see a top-shelf goal from the point at this age.

As for T, he had his best game yet, I think – and I like that I’m saying that often, because it means he’s really improving as time goes by. 

On his first shift he actually caught somebody with the puck.  He started chasing the kid in the neutral zone and caught him at the blue line – he says he didn’t touch the puck, but from my angle it looked like he did.  At the very least he managed to take the other kid off the play and a teammate was able to get the puck and take it out of their zone.

On every shift, though, he worked really hard, which was good to see.  He was even sweating at the end of the game, something the coach has been trying to get out of him for a while.