I made it through about half of today’s clinic before leaving the ice with an equipment problem.

First we started off skating the face-off dots forward – two reps of that, then another two reps carrying a puck.  With the puck, I concentrated on either keeping my head up or at least looking up at least half the time.  I wasn’t the slowest in either of these and no one passed me, which made me happy.

Then we had two reps of skating the face-off dots where we skated forward east-west (cross-ice) and backward north-south.  At the start of the second rep of this, I lost my edge transitioning from forward to backward and hit the ice hard.  Head bounced off the ice pretty good, but the pads, helmet, and mouthpiece did their job, so I hardly felt it.

The right skate hadn’t felt quite right last week either, so I decided to get them sharpened after the clinic, but midway through the next drill it seemed to have gotten worse (or I just noticed it more), so I left the ice.

In the pro shop they confirmed my concerns and noted that the inside-edge of my right skate was mostly not there.  Since that’s my cross-over leg, my stopping leg, and my transition leg, it’s inside edge is somewhat important.