I can’t say enough good things about Fetch! Pet Care.  I’ve used them twice now, once for a weekend trip to the Keys in May and now this trip.  I’ve always had trouble finding good boarding for the Big Bad Wolf …


She’s big and she sometimes has a mind of her own, so I worried when I’d leave her in regular kennels due to the small size of their runs.  The places that offer runs large enough for her charge so much that it’s almost more than I paid for hotels on this trip.

Fetch! is different.  They offer in-home services, so she gets to stay in a familiar environment, with all her toys and stuff, and I can have friends and family check on her once in a while so she sees someone familiar. 

Their pricing is reasonable and they offer a variety of services, so the visits can be tailored to her needs.

Gary, their rep for my area, is wonderful.  He’s friendly and enthusiastic, and he clearly loves animals and taking care of them. 

He’s very communicative, leaving a note after every visit (which ran to 11-pages for this vacation), and sending periodic texts, pictures, and video so I can see how she’s doing.

Twyla loves him and gets excited when he comes over, so I know he treats her well and she has fun with him. 

These two trips have been the only times I’ve felt 100% comfortable about a pet when I was traveling.