10/4/2013 – 10/6/2013 Miles MPG Average Speed  
  950 44 59  


Driving listening:


10/4/2013 – 10/6/2013

Priceline Retail $ Savings % Savings
Hilton Downtown (4-stars) $62.41
($50 bid)

$ 178.08 ($159 pretax)

$115.67 65%

This hotel had some mixed reviews.  Reviewers called the decor “dated”, complained that they smelled marijuana in the hallway and in their room, and one review claimed they were given a room without a bed.

I was quite happy with it.  The decor was a bit older and some of the fixtures were clearly older, but it was clean, well-appointed, comfortable, and, at $50 / night, the view of the $69.99 Motel 6 next door was entertaining.



The hotel does charge $25 / day for parking, which is ridiculous, so I parked at the Emory Hospital lot.  It’s only 1/2-mile away and costs $6 / day, or $0 if you leave early before they have the booth manned.


That lot is also right across the street from Shakespeare Tavern where we were going to see Othello.

I do not recommend the route above, which Google Maps came up with.  Instead, get to Peachtree St NE immediately and stay off of Pine St NE.  Pine St, especially in the early evening, has a certain uncomfortable element to it. 


Ray's in the City on Urbanspoon Ray’s has several locations around Atlanta.  The one downtown is nicely appointed and we arrived for dinner well before it became crowded.

I started with Ray’s “New Orleans” BBQ Shrimp ($12) and I was a bit disappointed with it.  Like many attempts at the New Orleans style of BBQ shrimp, this had more heat than flavor.


The portion size, for the price, seemed quite small, as well.

For an entree, I had the Parmesan Crusted Scallops ($32) which came with “Lobster risotto, basil, balsamic reduction”.


With this, also, I was underwhelmed.  $32 for four scallops is a bit high and even with the Parmesan crusting, they seemed flavorless.  The risotto was extremely salty, with not even a hint of lobster flavor.


The praline bowl I got for desert was better, with a crunchy bowl, praline sauce, ice cream, and berries.  But it wasn’t enough to make up for the previous courses and I left disappointed.



We went to Stone Mountain during the day and rode the tram to the top.  The day was hazy and bright, so pictures were a bit washed out.



After some time at the top, we took the mile-long path down the mountain and then around it to the parking lot.


Next trip I want to hike around the mountain and then up and down.