King's Coat THE FIRST NOVEL IN THE CLASSIC SERIES OF ALAN LEWRIE NAVAL ADVENTURES1780: Seventeen-year-old Alan Lewrie is a brash, rebellious young libertine. So much so that his callous father believes a bit of navy discipline will turn the boy around. Fresh aboard the tall-mastedAriadne, Midshipman Lewrie heads for the war-torn Americas, finding–rather unexpectedly–that he is a born sailor, equally at home with the randy pleasures of the port and the raging battles on the high seas. But in a hail of cannonballs comes a bawdy surprise…

Previous book recommendations have been both science fiction and indie authors. I plan to continue that trend in the future, but thought I’d throw this particular book into the mix, even though it’s neither of those.

Many readers of the Alexis Carew series are fans of both science fiction and Age of Sail novels, as I am myself. Some, though, may have come to the series as strictly science fiction fans. If that’s you, and you like the tone and feel of Alexis Carew, then I recommend taking a look at some of the Age of Sail series out there.

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