I’ve had a busy start to the year, with some significant lifestyle changes (all for the better, I assure you), and it’s taken a toll on the writing time. I truly appreciate all the emails and social media comments about how much you all enjoy the series and are awaiting the next book … though I do come up with my best ideas on long walks, so that whole chaining-me-to-the-keyboard thing might be counter-productive. 🙂

HMS Nightingale is about 30% done and writing is getting more regular. I have pages of notes to work from for the story, so it’s coming along nicely. It will still likely be the second half of the year before it’s released, but I do want to make sure it’s up to the standards of the rest of the series, so I’m taking my time with that.

Planetfall, the novella prequel to the series, has been broken up into two parts. Part One will cover the time from the Dalthus colony’s landing until the death of Alexis’ grandmother and will be from Denholm’s (Alexis’ grandfather’s) point of view.

The second half will be from her father’s point of view and cover the time until Alexis is around three years old.

When I originally conceived of Planetfall, it was supposed to be a 20,000 word novella — now each of the two parts will run about 30,000 words.

Both parts of Planetfall will be given free to mailing list subscribers.

Thank you for your patience and thank you for reading Alexis’ story — I’ll keep you updated and get the next bits out to you as soon as I can. 🙂