Okay, that was fun.

After checking out the skate and shoot Monday, I decided to bring T today.  The rest of his gear arrived, so he’s well-padded and ready for some more ice time.

Unlike last time, when I just skated around trying to control the puck, this time I had an eleven-year old of roughly my own skill-level to play with (all the other eleven-year olds there being far beyond my level).

We practiced passing – a lot different on ice with a puck, than it was in the garage with a plastic ball. T took some shots on the empty net at center ice. And we just chased each other around in the neutral zone trying to steal the puck from each other – it was a blast.

I like the skate and shoots, so far, but I’d like to find a time when they’re less crowded.  The scrimmages at either end seem to get a bit more aggressive as time goes on and come further and further over the blue line — it’s unnerving to watch a herd of guys four times his size bear down on the little guy and weave around him.