J.A. Sutherland

J.A. Sutherland wrote his first novel in 1983 when he was sixteen. It was appropriately bad. A few short stories, and a few rejection slips, later, he gave up on writing – except the voices in his head refused to stop and he lived with them for thirty years.

In 2013, he came across a “You won’t believe this is a thing! <link>” tweet and clicked on it, because he very much likes to know what he won’t believe is a thing.

It was dinosaur-porn.

His first reaction was not, “I don’t believe this is a thing!” it was “If there’s a market for this …”

Figuring if there were people who wanted to be ravished by the raptor, then there must be those who’d read his stories, so he started taking dictation from the voices again, and published Into the Dark (Alexis Carew Book 1) in November 2014.

The response has been overwhelming, and he can’t believe this is a thing.

He can be emailed at [email protected]

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