Darkspace Press strongly recommends new authors independently publish, rather than submitting to a traditional publisher.

You can do it yourself, with the right support for editing and cover design, for a fraction of the cost of traditional publishing.

“But there’s no cost to traditional publishing! The publisher pays the author!”

Sure, sure — if you’re looking at how the money flows, that seems correct.

But the fact is, for 10,000 copies of a $9.99 ebook, the difference between indie and traditional publishing is $50,000 that stays in the publisher’s pocket instead of winding up in the author’s. That’s paying … a lot.

So before talking to a publisher, authors should educate themselves on the indie options available through Kindle Desktop Publishing or Draft2Digital, to name only two.

If you’re unable or unwilling to do the work of being an indie author and absolutely want to have someone do it for you, Darkspace Press is open to submissions. We’ll work with you to find an editor — either one of ours or someone else — and a cover designer, then front or share the costs of getting your work out there.

Our cut of the royalties range from 5% to 20%, not the 75% of traditional publishers (for ebook that is … we’d have to sacrifice a chicken to figure out how traditional publishers calculate paper royalties).

Our contracts are clear and simple, have a stated end date, and you can end them at any time retaining full rights to your work.

Again, first investigate your own options for indie publishing, then contact us for more information.