Darkspace Press offers Facebook ad management under the Darkspace Press and Indies Press pages — custom pages are also available.

We will work cooperatively with interested authors to develop the ad’s creatives — graphics, copy text, etc. Darkspace Press will manage the creation, payment, and billing, as well as A/B testing and results, supplying reports to authors. The author and Darkspace Press will cooperatively determine the ad’s targeting.

It’s recommended ads start with a variety of creatives, allowing for A/B testing of each combination’s effectiveness.

This service includes daily monitoring of ad comments to remove negative or inappropriate comments.

The cost of this service is 8% of monthly ad spend. I.E. if an author allocates $1000 for a month’s ads, billing will be $1080.

A deposit of ten day’s spend is required before ads begin running, and billing is weekly, Net-3. For example, an adset with a $10 per day budget will require a $100 initial deposit and will then be invoiced for approximately $73.50 ($10 x 7 days + 8% fee) weekly.

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