I was lazy last week and didn’t post about one of my trips, so will have to take care of that today.

In the past when I’ve tried to get back to paddling, one of the problems has been time.  With a family there always seems to be something that needs to be done, so the “not enough time” excuse rears its head.  This time, though, I’m working on the theory that two hours on the water is still two hours on the water, so I’m taking opportunities as they arise.

So since my daughter has classes several times a week, I’ve started taking the opportunity to do something other than drive home and sit on the couch before it’s time to pick her up – whether paddling or hockey or something else.

Under this premise, a friend and I headed for Wekiwa Springs State Park Monday (5/10) to get on the water.

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With two people, the portage from the parking lot to the water wasn’t too bad and we headed out.


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The GPS went a little hinky and didn’t track as often as it should have, but we first headed up Rock Springs Run until the water got so shallow in spots that we had to get out and pull the kayaks.

P5100001This bird was there on our way up Rock Springs Run and didn’t budge as we went by.  After we paddled upriver for a while and came back, he was still there – apparently unmoved.  We considered the possibility that he was some taxidermists prank until we got close enough to make him stalk off indignantly.

P5100002Once off Rock Springs Run and back on the Wekiva, we found the Wekiva Marina much changed since my last visit and pretty busy for a Monday afternoon.

P5100006Last time I was on this river, the marina was pretty dilapidated and didn’t get much traffic.  It looks like things have had significant changes.  I’m going to have to stop by and check it out.

Further down the river, we came across this little place, posted No Trespassing by the Florida Farm Bureau.

P5100007 Not sure why it’s there or what it’s used for.

Not much wildlife on this trip, but all along the route we saw signs of the most invasive species in Florida.

P5100008 I really don’t understand how people who go out on the river and clearly enjoy doing so can so casually toss crap everywhere – do they not care if they’re swimming and fishing in a garbage dump?