Today’s clinic started with a High-Low drill:


Two skaters from the goal-line along either side.  Take the puck around cones set on the face-off dots – either far or near, depending on which side you’re starting from – then into the zone for a shot.

We ran this drill with groups at both ends of the ice, so there were four skaters converging in the neutral zone at any given time.  Good practice for keeping your head up and knowing where the other skaters are.

This was followed by a passing drill the length of the ice:


From the goal-line pass to the blue-line, then to the far blue-line, finally to center-ice.  The skater at center-ice takes the puck into the zone for a shot and everyone else follows their pass to a new position.

Finally we went around the face-off circle, picking up a puck after once around, then around again and take a shot on goal. 


After a few reps of this, we changed it up to include skating backwards – always facing goal.