5/6/2013-5/7/2013 Miles MPG Average Speed  
  233 47.8 43  


Driving listening:

This was a business trip just for one night, but it adds to the stats, so here it is.

On the way to the hotel I stopped at the Seminole Hard Rock to make a donation to the tribe.  I have a lot of ancestral guilt about how the Native Americans were treated — despite, I think, most of my ancestors not arriving here until the 20th century – so I consider the money I left there to be a charitable contribution.

Yeah … you know, I wonder if I can write it off on taxes …


5/6/2013-5/7/2013 Priceline Retail $ Savings % Savings
Wyndham Westshore (3.5 star) $76.29
($61 bid)
($135.15 base rate)
$75.08 50%

The hotel itself was a little dated, but had some nice touches.  Like dueling M&M dispensers at the front desk (plain on one end and peanut on the other) and a rack of hardcover bestsellers for loan to guests.


Free candy and books goes a long way.

Unfortunately the room was subpar.  The bed was memory foam and I think it was remembering a 400-pound previous guest.  Deep divots on either side had me trying to sleep in the middle and waking up periodically. 

There was also a serious lack of hot water.  Took a long time for the shower to heat up and then only at its highest setting – which continued to heat throughout the shower, so had to be continuously adjusted .  Frustrating, but only for one night.

Jimbo's Pit Bar-B-Q on Urbanspoon I only had time for one real meal this trip and made it at Jimbo’s Pit BBQ.

I got the combo platter with sliced beef and pork ($10) and a sweet tea (very good).


The pork was a little fatty for my taste, but the beef was lean and tasty.  The bottom of my beef pile had been cut from the end of the meat, so it was a little dry, but I like that.  The hush puppies were a little undercooked and doughy in the middle.  But the beans were delicious – homemade and thick.  I like baked beans, but in moderation — I’m not normally one to eat them by the heaping forkful, but these were fantastic.