A fun read with a YA feel.

“I wish I could tell you how cool this is.”
High school senior Austin Stone didn’t know what his best friend meant by the comment uttered during an online chat, but he forces himself to accept the fact his friends are leaving him behind. His only escape is playing the sci-fi MMORPG, Star Runners, where he excels. However, being a champion Trident Starfighter pilot won’t help him earn a scholarship to begin the next phase of his life.

But as soon as Austin is about to give up on college, he reaches the top of the elite server and receives an invitation from a school shrouded in secrecy promising to unlock his hidden potential. With no other options, he takes the offer.

What he doesn’t realize is he has just embarked on a thrilling adventure beyond his imagination that will open up the cosmos and challenge everything he knows.

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