I maintain that this is the best time in history to be a creator – author, poet, artist, or, in this case, video. So I’m going to start a series of reviews/recommendations, starting with LegalEagle’s youtube channel and his movie reviews.

I found the channel via his review of My Cousin Vinny, one of the best legal comedies I’ve ever seen and, of course, my opinion of the channel is not influenced by the fact that the creator agrees with me. 🙂

LegalEagle works well on video. He’s a good looking guy, articulate, and seems to know his law. He comes across entertaining, not dryly lecturing, and he has real, not exaggerated, reactions to the scenes.

His legal explanations are clear, and at a level I think is understandable to someone with little knowledge of the law, but not so basic that someone with some knowledge will be bored.

One thing I really like about the channel is that he works his affilliate links in with a cheerful, blatant manner. In the My Cousin Vinny review, he’s shilling Indochino suits — but he does it in a way that’s both funny and works within the context of the review.

He also has other series of videos where he explains the laws broken in movies, real-life law issues, and law 101.

I’m a subscriber, and you should be too.