Starship engineer Anailu Xindar dreamed of owning her own ship, but she didn’t find the courage to actually go for it until she was forced out of her safe, comfortable job. She goes shopping for a cheap, practical freighter, but she ends up buying a rare, beautiful, but crippled luxury ship. Getting it into space will take more than her technical skills. She’ll have to go way outside her comfort zone to brave the dangers of safaris, formal dinners, a rude professor, and worst of all, a fashion designer. She may even have to make some friends… and enemies.

I saw The Sculpted Ship in the new releases a couple months ago and passed it by – the cover didn’t really appeal to me, though the description sort of did. Then I saw it again on Nathan Lowell’s Peer Reviewed and decided to check it out.

I found myself in agreement with Lowell’s evaluation — there are some issues. I would have liked to have seen a lot more of the story, rather than be told about it, and there’s a bit of deus ex machina in the end.

But, that being said, it’s a solid start — what appears to be a first book — and an enjoyable story. I look forward to seeing it continue and, though it’s not in Kindle Unlimited, the $2.99 price tag makes it a low risk to check out.