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Download My Ranks

As an author selling books on Amazon, one thing that really sucks is: Amazon has all my data and they won't give it to me! Well, okay, it's their data and I'm just a vendor, really, but still ... Anyway, one of the things I'd like to be able to do is download the...

Business of Writing: Whether to Incorporate

This post is part of my Business of Writing series. As part of this series, I discuss law and taxes, so it's important for you to remember that I'm neither a lawyer nor a tax professional. This is not advice -- it's my understanding and, in many cases, what I do and...

Business of Writing: Quickbooks Self Employed

I’m going to be talking about Quickbooks Self Employed (QBSE) a lot in the series of posts on taxes, so figured it would be useful to have a full review post of it. Quickbooks has multiple offerings, so it’s important to understand that I use and recommend the Self Employed product, and this review isn’t of the Online or Desktop offerings. Those are good products too, I’m sure, but I think they’re overpowered for use by the typical author.

Business of Writing: Estimated Taxes

The IRS recommends you use their multipage worksheet (, which involves estimating your income and deductions, both personal and business – and, since writing is a pretty variable business, you should do that worksheet for each quarterly estimated tax payment …
Which is sort of like having to do you taxes five times a year, in my opinion.